Privacy policy

1. Purpose of processing personal information
① The ‘Webticle Cell service of Hannda Co.,Ltd.’ under ‘Webticle Cell’ of the subsidiary handles personal information for the following purposes, and does not use it for any other purposes other than the following.
– Check customer sign – up intent and identify and certify their user and maintain their membership in accordance with the provision of customers. The payment of an amount due to the supply of care, goods or services, Shipping etc..

2. Consignment of Personal Information Processing
① To facilitate personal information processing, Webticle Cell’ is entrusted with the following tasks:
② When signing a consignment contract, the ‘Webticle Cell’ stipulates in the document items such as prohibition of personal information handling other than the purpose of consignment tasks, technical and administrative protection measures, restriction of trust, management of trustees, supervision of trustees, and damages, and monitors whether the trustees safely process personal information.
③ In the event of a change in the contents of the consignment task or the trustee, we will immediately disclose it through this Privacy Policy.

3. The users of the information body’s rights, duties, and methods of exercise can exercise the following rights as personal information entities:
① The information body may exercise its right to personal information protection in any of the following subparagraphs at any time:
– Require access to personal information
– Correct errors, etc.
– Require deletion
– Stop processing required

4. Items of personal information processing
① ‘Webticle Cell’ handles the following personal information items:
– Language and time settings
– Required: In-computer installation folder, access port, OS type, hardware information, connection

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