Webticle Cell Benefits

When launching a business, you need tools to run accounting,inventory, payroll, marketing and so much more. Many businesses start with Excel or Google Sheets. And while that is a good place to begin, it doesn’t take long for spreadsheets to create more problems than they solve.
Webticle Cell allows users to keep track of day-to-day business operations by giving them freedom to manipulate and analyze data. Excel file can be difficult to analyze. The volume of data presented can lead to misinterpretation, and that could lead to poor choices and wrong actions based on that misinterpretation.

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Simple Handling

As Excel table gets more complex, navigation and usability are getting more complex too. Webticle Cell provides intuitive and user-friendly environments while minimizing space for errors.

Quick Search

Searching through Excel file can be really difficult. Webticle Cell allows searching through data much faster and efficient. This can be especially handy when dealing with multiple Excel files.

Analysis & Reporting

Unlike traditional analysis solutions that support simple operations, Webticle Cell supports logical operations in the overlay structure to prevent blind spots in information queries.

Much Cheaper Solution

Custom apps for small businesses are too expensive to make. Webticle Cell is meant to replace those expensive solutions by providing easy to use software that is able to adapt to any small business needs.

All Excel Files in One DataBase

If you have seperate spreadsheets for fixed assets, material purchases, inventory, accounts receivable and cash, or your data is maintained in one spreadsheet with multiple tabs you will have a problem as more and more data comes.

Safer Data

Spreadsheets are prone to human errors, and from time to time some data field in the wrong cell or somebody making a mistake when entering numeric values can lead your business to chaos.

Table View Generator

What if you need to merge columns because they have the same data? Just select which are the same and merge them.

Bulk modification

Sometimes you need to edit a lot of data at once. Webticle Cell allows you to do that in just a few clicks.

Excel File Export

If you ever need your data in Excel format again, you can just export data in a way that suits you the most.