About the Company

Hannda Co., Ltd. provides enterprise solutions and DB applications for businesses.
Our business concept is “Let’s provide small businesses with DB-based DIY(Do it yourself) Information  system”.
DB-based information system is  usually expensive (worth tens of thousand US$) and require separate DB designs and S/W developments. This is too expensive and complicated for majority of small businesses.
We promote “ICT Computing Inovation” to small businesses through Webticle. We would like to become helpers in their business by providing DB-based computing services to small businesses that do not have computerized service.
Excel easy searching – how to excel at work

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July 2014 logo logo

Hannda Co., Ltd. was founded in Seoul

November 2014 logo logo

Awarded a Bronze Medal in the Start-up Competition hosted by the Korean Technology Finance Corporation (Hannda Migrator)

July 2015 logo logo

"Hannda Migrator" was released

November 2015 logo logo

Patent Registered in Korea : 10-1573674 METHOD AND SYSTEM DATA INTEGRATION

International Service Mark registered in Japan (Madrid Protocol)

December 2015 logo logo

A subsidiary was open in Delaware, US (Hannda System LLC)

March 2016 logo logo

Close beta service of "Webticle" was open on on-line

November 2016 logo logo

Webticle Backup for kintone.com will be released

Attended Cybozu Days 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

December 2016 logo logo

Designated as K-Global 300 by Ministry of Science, ICP and Future Planning

February 2017 logo logo

Webticle Trademark registration and relocation (19-1, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04559, Korea)

April 2017 logo logo

Webticle Backup for kintone Finished developing mass production products

May 2017 logo logo

Webticle Analytics (Reporter) Finished developing mass production products

Webticle Japan Distribution Agreement (Seller :, OpenWave, Leiwa Tech)

September 2017 logo logo

Contract a Webticle Analytics purchase agreement with Leiwa Tech, Japan

November 2017 logo logo

Contract a Webticle Backup for kintone with Axellas Inc., Japan

Cloud Service Authentication

May 2017 logo logo

May. 2018 - Attended Japan IT Week spring in Tokyo

July 2018 logo logo

Beta service of "Webticle Cell" was open on-line